What do children learn at The Munchkin Music Factory?
Your child will love The Munchkin Music Factory! Our unique curriculum, original songs and innovative approach to teaching keeps them coming back to us year after year.

3 and 4 Years
At these levels, children develop a solid musical foundation in preparation for more advanced learning in the later years. We sing, dance, march, play lots of games and use a wide assortment of classroom instruments. We drum, improvise, use a SMART board on a regular basis and sometimes we even get to tinkle away on piano keyboards just for fun! We learn healthy singing technique to protect our young voices, we develop a strong sense of beat and rhythm and we explore the concepts of high and low, soft and loud, fast and slow and many other things...just way too many things to mention!

Kindergarten and Grade 1
Children at these levels learn to read and write notes on the treble staff and a variety of basic rhythms. We combine these notes and rhythms to make beautiful music that we sing and play on all kinds of wonderful instruments like xylophones, metallophones, glockenspiels and boomwhackers, to name just a few. Of course, we continue to drum, sing and dance and have all the fun that we experienced at three and four, but now we're ready to apply all those basic skills and explore music at a much higher level.

Grades 2 through 5
Our senior students actually compose their very own music in our computer lab using the very best in composition software. We write our own songs (both individually and collaboratively) using Finale Songwriter software on PCs. We print that music, bring it to the keyboard room and learn to play it on the piano. It's a truly amazing and rewarding process for both teachers and students alike. But it's not all computers and piano at these levels. We still find all kinds of time to sing, dance, play all of the other classroom instruments, use the SMART board and play lots of fun games!

Our students have the opportunity to showcase their talents at Christmas and spring concerts and at various "in class" demonstration recitals throughout the year. Our shows are very laid back, stress free and are a truly enjoyable experience for the entire family!

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