Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I would like to register more than one child.  Do you offer a family rate?

A: Absolutely!  We offer a 10% discount for a second child and a 15% discount for a third child.

Q:Do you accept credit card payments?

A:We process fees using Visa, MC, automatic bank withdrawal, EMTs or post-dated cheques. 

Q:Do I have to attend the classes with my child?

A: Parents do not attend classes. Parents of 3 and 4 year-old students are asked to sit in the waiting room during instructional time. All other children may be dropped off for classes. (Please note that parents of 3 year-old children may sit in on classes until the end of September.)

Q:None of your time slots are good for me.  What if I have a group of friends who are interested in a different time?

A:We will add a new class slot for a group of parents if at all possible.  We require a minimum of four children to open a new slot.  We've done it before and we will be happy to do so again!  Just contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

Q:We will go on vacation during the school year and will miss some classes. Will we still have to pay for those classes?

A:Yes, but you will have the option to attend other classes to make up that time if you choose. Making up of missed classes is not required by The Munchkin Music Factory.

Q:Do you make up classes that have been cancelled due to poor weather?

A:Yes, we make up all classes that are cancelled by The Munchkin Music Factory. There is no additional charge for make up classes. 
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